Sungai Balak River Improvement Works, Cheras, Hulu Langat Selangor

Construction Value:  RM3.5million
Completion: 2019

Sections of Sungai Balak had have been widened to its maximum width as per river reserve.  However, the continuous rapid development upstream have increased the flash flooding frequency along its low lying areas such as Kampung Baru Balakong.  Further widening of river was not possible due to budget constraint, high land acquisition cost and undesirable social impacts.

  An adaptive design was adopted to resolve the constraint.  The river bank was steepened using geo-synthetic bags infilled with local sandy materials.  The eco-friendly and beneficial use of local materials have minimized transportation and site access issues within the congested site.   Floodwall using lightweight vinyl sheet piles have been installed to eliminate the need for heavy machineries, its vibration nuisance and repair to houses along the river, thus for better cost and time saving during the construction.

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