Sungai Bertam Flood Mitigation, Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Construction Value:  RM46 million
Completion: 2016

The original Bertam river was badly silted and encroached with squatters. The emergency release incident from SAB Dam on 23rd October 2013 had caused flash flooding at Bertam Valley, resulting in severe property damage and lost of lifes.

The greatest challenge was to complete design including tender for this high profile project within 3 months. Our design team have done us proud by solving critical construction issues at the design stage, ie: space planning, works sequencing, river diversion works, earthwork balancing, social impacts, temporary access and traffic management, etc. Despite under fast track implementation, the project has been successful completed with minimal variation order, keeping the project within budget and completion timeline.

The 3km length of composite channel design consist of sediment self-flushing channel at the bottom and eco-engineered rock mattress for upper slope lining.  The use of single span UHPC bridges have reduced the deck thickness significantly thus resolving the space constraint and road safety requirements.

The completed project have received many commendable remarks from local residents.  They are no longer living in fear of flash flood from the dam release.  The school children have a safer learning environment.  The drainage system and road network has been improved.  The new hall at Bertam Valley has become a favourite destination for community activities in Cameron Highlands.

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