Coastal Rehabilitation And Beautification Works At Pontian Kecil, Johor

Construction Value:  RM6million
Completion: 2011

Taman Awam Tepi Laut Pontian was in dilapidated stage before the project. The original seawall has collapsed, eroding coastline with dying mangroves, clogged outlets and inundated during high tides.  Instead of merely engineering repair to seawall, the coastal mudflat was reclaimed to transform the coastal park into a new seafront promenade.

In addition to erosion protection works, a special mangrove rejuvenation zone had been included in the design.  A widened rock toe apron had been constructed to dissipate wave energy, trapping sediments during tidal movement and helped to increase the amount of soil.  These stabilized mudflats emulate existing mangrove habitat, providing a permanent ground to promote the growth of young mangrove trees.

To-date, mature mangrove trees have been successfully rejuvenated at this zone.  This added another proven success to our “Art of Sustainable Engineering” long reference list.  

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